Yo, It's Adithya MS Here. I’m Addicted to Solving Unique Problems that Produce Highest Leveraged Outputs

Acquisitions, Deal making, Strategic Partnerships and Never-Ending Learning

Purpose (why?):
My purpose is to become the best version of myself and help as many people as possible through my journey.
Vision (what?):
To build a holding company that invests/acquires purpose-driven companies and helps them dominate their industry while having Fun.

The Best Version of You = Purpose x Values x Strengths x Courage x Control x Hard Work

My Journey 🚀

July 4 2017 (17 yrs Old):
Made by first dollar selling a Pdf for $1.

I copied an entire affiliate sales page into Google Docs. I created a fake profile 😂 and spammed a few Facebook groups. Finally, I sold access to the Google Docs for $1 .

Late 2018 - 2019 (19yrs Old):
Started an Ecommerce agency called Ecomrules (Building shopify stores). I'm pretty sure you can still find it’s social media accounts haha.

I used to send 50-100 messages per day until facebook stopped me from sending messages for that day.I made $50 with the 1st Client, $100 with the 2nd, $350 with the 3rd. Then I found a guy to build it for $50 and I started charging $350 per store built.

Late 2019 - Late 2020 (20 years Old):
I started a Coaching business. Helping Coaches and Consultants scale.

Onboarding unqualified customers.
No significant case-studies from the customers because of that. However when I personally implemented the same system for some of my clients, I scaled it to $10k & $15k in a day . I Finally closed the business in Dec 2020.
Lesson Learned:
The Quality of your Product = The Quality of your Customers.

2021 - May 2022 (21 years old) :
Figuring stuff out. One of the worst time in my life.

I didn’t sell anything that year expect for 1 coaching client (Just for the cashflow to pay bills) as I didn't want to get stuck in the same loop and build something that’s not going to help me in the long-term game.I Said No to multiple offers and referred them to others(Some of those offers were 3x - 5x times what i used to normally charge).

Mistake:_ I didn’t burn the boats completely and I was going back and forth with starting an agency and starting a coaching business. But finally, I put a big full stop to focus on my next move.Result: Finally, after 5 whole years I found the thing that I was born to do. (Something that compliments my strengths and weaknesses.)Lesson Learned: Next time when you plan on moving to the next chapter, burn your boats completely so that you don’t go back and forth wasting your time.

2022 (22 years old) :
Jumped into the M&A space as a deal maker, mainly in the US & AU market.

July 2022 :
Helped my first investor Acquire a Consulting business .
July 14, 2022 - Oct 12 2023 :
Involved in a total of 9 M&A Transactions. Helped 8 founders Exit 9 Companies in 15 months. ($2M - Biggest one , $10k - Smallest one)

Although I was new to this space, I built some decent connections with operators, agencies, coaches, 3PL companies, and more.Out of the 9 deals I've worked on, I had partners in all 8 of them.Interestingly, in the past 15 months, I've made more money for my Partners than for myself ($160,000+ for my Partners involved in the deals).Leveraging my network has made my life much easier, as all the deals and buyers I get are completely through my network (No outbound, No ads, nothing).For the first time in my life, I saw the power of Referrals and Strategic partnerships in action and fell in love with it. It also complimented my Strengths and Weaknesses

I repeated the same mistake as last time. I qualified the investors based on the money they had to buy the business and their track-record in building businesses (which was great).
However, one thing I overlooked was qualifying them for the industry in which they were buying the business. Because of this, even though I got them the best deal possible, a few buyers couldn’t scale it up and made some poor decisions.

Lesson Learned:
1. You need to have multiple Qualifying criteria, not just "$".
2. It's not about what you know; It's all about who you know.

I gained access to over 15,000+ buyers through one connection and 600+ deal opportunities through another connection. I also built close connections with 7+ figure entrepreneurs, made lifelong friends, and connected with the investor I look up to. He is open to partner up on my next deal, along with many more opportunities like these..

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